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Krijnen Baby #2:  Sean Johannes Krijnen

Hey Michael,

I am so sorry I forgot to send my initial email out to you and the orchestra! Hopefully I will have a few more pictures soon ;) Thanks for thinking of us. aryn 

Subject: Baby Krijnen is born!!!

 Hello friends and family,

We are very excited to announce the birth of our son, Sean Johannes Krijnen on Tuesday, February 28th at 11:25am.  He weighed a healthy 7lbs 13oz and measured 21 inches at birth.   We are absolutely thrilled with our lil' boy and ilea is taking to the big sister role very well :)

I am pleasantly surprised at how easy the c-section turned out for me and my recovery is going beautifully.  Scott says by next week I will be able to do backflips again.

The doctors and nurses at Kaiser were fantastic and I couldn't have asked for more support and love from my friends and family.   I want to thank everyone that has sent emails, text messages, thoughts and prayers for our family during this special time.

Today we had Sean's first Dr. appointment and he is nearly back to his birth weight so apparently we have another "good eater"  and nursing is going well ;)  So far Sean seems to have a very mellow demeanor and doesn't seemed phased by ilea's full-of-life personality :) ....they are going to make a great pair.

I am looking forward to sharing Sean with all of you soon and I will send more pictures when possible.

Thanks again and hope this email finds all of you in good health and spirit!

Sincerely, Aryn and Scott


Scott Krijnen, Principal Cello and Aryn Krijnen, Violin are the proud parents of Ilea Krijnen born on November 15, 2009.  Scott played our November concert and our Nutcracker Ballet dress rehearsals and performances in addition to becoming a new father and conducting his own orchestra for holiday concerts -- and more.  Here is the story about the new arrival from Aryn:

Hi everyone, Here is a quick update on the new baby.... On Wednesday, Nov. 25th I was put on pitocin at 9am and began active labor at 4pm.  After a very long 3 and 1/2 hours of actual pushing, baby Ilea was born at 11:23pm.  She was a healthy 8lbs. 4 oz. Ilea was a bit stressed from the intense labor and had to have special attention to get her blood sugar stabilized.  We were thrilled that she was able to stay with us instead of being sent to the nursery.   On Friday we brought Ilea home and celebrated a late Thanksgiving. What an amazing Thanksgiving!  The holiday will never be the same.. .Both Ilea and I are recovering well.  Breast feeding is quite an adventure that I am still trying to master.  I am happy now that my milk has come in which has changed  nursing from 40min. to a quick 15 min.  Yay!!!Scott has become an amazing  Daddy over night.  He has been so hopeful and supportive through labor  and recovery.  My parents have been wonderful helping with meals,  cleaning, extra support and advice.  Shelley and John are very proud  Grandparents and visit often.We are so thrilled with our little bundle of  joy and I will send more pics as she grows.Thank you to all of you that  have sent emails and messages.  Please have patience with us in  responding.We are looking forward to sharing her with each and everyone  of you.Happy Holidays!Aryn












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